Meet Hong Kong Chef

A Chinese restaurant boasting traditional cuisine with a modern twist, this explains that we care all the details from our menu, the taste of our dishes, the design of every corner, we make sure our customers not only enjoy our food, but also enjoy being here.

Hong Kong Style Yum Cha

Enjoy delectable, delicious dim sum and dumplings that are handmade by award winning cooks! Our traditional Hong Kong style yum cha menu has been crafted with care, featuring over 50 different options suitable for even the most discerning palate.

Extensive Menu

On the menu, you will find unique dishes to delight your every sense. From fragrant spices infused into savory entrées to grand desserts and refreshing beverage pairings, a luxurious feast awaits.

Private Functions

Let us help make your special occasion an event to remember! We can provide the perfect setting for any type of private event. From a small gathering of your closest friends to commemorate a birthday to a corporate function, we can create a personalized atmosphere that adds an extra touch of style and class.

Our Culture


Inclusive and Welcoming Atmosphere

From the moment you arrive on our restaurant's doorstep, you'll feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our staff are always on hand to provide attentive and attentive service, ensuring that all your needs and preferences are courteously addressed with respect. You'll enjoy an inclusive ambiance where everyone is valued for who they are, so don't be surprised if those around you start making conversation with a smile! We strive to make every customer experience unique and memorable, and our team take great pride in making it happen.

Attentions to Details

When it comes to amazing dishes, our restaurant takes food preparation to a whole new level! Drawing on inspiration and culinary traditions from different parts of China, our team of talented chefs skillfully combine the essence of Cantonese cooking methods with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create something truly special. Nothing really beats a dinner made with love, care and taste in mind. Each dish is made with the highest attention to detail and you can always be sure that you'll be getting top quality food every time!

We Care Your Needs

We want our customers to enjoy the full experience that our food has to offer, so we make sure to extend respect in all directions. Whether you prefer taking away or dining in, if you’re a vegetarian or gluten-free, we’ve got you covered! You can choose the perfect menu according to your liking, order by phone or quickly via our app - however best suits your needs. It’s just another way we like to show our appreciation and make sure everyone has an excellent dining experience with us.

A Big Family

At Hong Kong Chef, every staff member is treated with respect no matter what. We cultivate an environment of camaraderie and support by providing ample training and ensuring that the workspace is clean and organized. In this way, we foster a cohesive team of talented individuals that are highly motivated and enthusiastic about the work they do. Respect for each other is the cornerstone of our company culture - a trait that applies not only to our customers but to our staff as well. At Hong Kong Chef, we truly have become a big family that endeavours to make everyone feel valued, respected, and appreciated!